Thursday, August 13, 2009

3rd Grade...Here we come!

Much to her dismay, Mallory started school this week. I hate when she goes back to school. She is (usually) very pleasant and fun to have hanging around the house telling me that she is bored, listening to Jillian blame every tiny little thing on her. Sorry little Mallory! Since it is too hot to do much, she might as well be in school learning. She has learned a lot on the piano this summer though! This picture is actually her 2nd day of school. I thought she looked cute in her ($30) jumper!
This is her first day of school, and yes, it is a uniform dress code. At first I was NOT thrilled, but now I really like it. They are just really really expensive. I spent $100 on these 2 outfits. YIKES is right. I don't even spend that much on my clothes.

Since the public schools here are rated almost last for this lovely state, I put her name on a waiting list for a Charter School, which is rated much better. We got a call after the first few days of school letting us know that she got in. So we did not have much time to prepare for the first early morning. We were thinking we were going to have this whole week to play and get ready for school (regular school starts a week later than this one). We had 1 afternoon to get ready. So it has been a SUPER CRAZY week. We have gone from sleeping in to waking up before 7 AM!! It takes me about an hour to get her to school (and back again), but should be a bit quicker when I can just drop her off. So now more than ever I am LONGING for Tucson. I did not realize how lucky I was there. I had a bus, with the nicest driver ever, pick Mallory up at the end of our street, at 8:45. Funny at the time I complained about that being early and about our street being too long. What was I thinking?? I must stop complaining all together. Mallory has done great her first few days, and I have found a few more "school approved clothes" for a bit cheaper.
So, I am crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe, the stars might be alinged for Mallory this year to only have to attend 1...that is ONE school for the ENTIRE 3rd grade. She has changed schools every year so far. I think that is border line child abuse. What is even funnier is that I could see us staying here, in this FANTASTIC PLACE, long enough for her to finish elementary school. JUST MY LUCK!!!
(and that is NOT comlpaining, honest)


  1. where are you guys living now?

  2. Marvin is our bus driver again. I was really happy to see him again because he is the best bus driver. We miss seeing you guys every morning.

  3. Those are early mornings! Glad she got into the Charter school you wanted. I guess you are destined to be driving your kids a long ways to school. Didn't you do that in CA too? At least Logan is sleeping better this time, right?

  4. Adorable! I am all about the preppy look with uniforms! But that IS expensive! Glad you got in the charter school-- which of Greg's kids are there? Good luck!