Monday, August 17, 2009

Our New Home

I finally remembered to take some pictures of our new house. So here they are. It is a 1 story house, which is so fabulous. It has been years and years that we have had to deal with kids and stairs. I am loving it! It is the biggest place that we have live, so it is fun to have some breathing space. (But small to all you Utah basement lovers) I didn't even know it was on a corner lot when I was looking. Kinda nice though. We have a huge yard, but we wouldn't know that now. It is way to hot to notice. In a few more months we will love it.

The kitchen is a bit quirky. The table is on the other side of the high bar...yes over carpet. But we are enjoying the set up so far. There is a big laundry room and pantry there you can see. Just love having a laundry room that does not double as a walk way from the garage. You can see I haven't put much away or hung stuff yet. It is still kinda clutterd. I love the top of Jillian's head.

Here is our table...we were having the missionaries over for an indoor picnic. (Love my new red Longaberger plates. Happy birthday, anniversary, mothers day, to me from me!)

Here is our view. This area is still being developed, so there is not much around us...just sand. It will be nice not to worry about many cars when it gets nice and the girls ride there bikes.

And our backyard...sand and more sand. Who needs a sand box? It is actually a really big back yard. We always manage to find houses with really big yards, just no grass. Kinda funny. The girls will still play though.


  1. It looks great! We'll be wishing we could visit around February! Too bad you can't fly right to Yuma, though.

  2. You have some grass at least! I'm jealous. The house is cute!

  3. Awesome! Glad you are liking your home (and I'll keep hoping for cooler weather for you)!