Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little Buddy!

Is already 11 months old!! I know every month I write that I just can't believe that he is that old...but I really can't believe that next month my little newborn baby is going to be 1. HELLO!!! Where did that go??? I broke down and bought a LAME high chair. I hate high chairs, but he needs one so so bad. I had a booster with Jillian and HATED it. He loves it and that is all that matters. He would sit in it all day and eat if I let him. He is a little garbage disposal for sure. He is still loving the mushy baby food, which is good. He loves to eat rice, beans, bananas, pancakes, and his new favorite is mandarin oranges. Too bad we have carpet under our dinner table and his high chair. I guess it is not our fault some idiot designed it that way. (It had to be a single guy who doesn't know anything about kids, or husbands!)

This last month has been a whirlwind. The biggest event was Logan getting his little twiner back...his Daddy. We were so excited to pick him up from the airport. Michael and I couldn't wait to see how Logan would react to his Daddy coming back into his life. He kinda just stared at him for awhile. Then when Michael hugged me he had a look like, who is this guy hugging my mommy. He has warmed up to Michael. Logan is a guys boy. He loves to play with the big boys. It is cute. He loves when his older boy cousins come over and play with him too. (It is so much fun living by Michael's brother). It has been sad leaving my parents too. Logan and Papa are best buddies and he misses him terribly. I think Papa would hold Logan more than I would. WE NEED YOU BACK PAPA!!!
Logan has quit nursing altogether, totally against my will, but what am I to do. Over a month of cracking and bleeding was plenty enough for me to change my thoughts about gross formula, which is so dang expensive, especially the way Logan drinks. He is gonna drink us out of our house! He has started sleeping better which is fabulous. He was waking up and drinking 3 bottles at night. All I did was wash bottles and make formula. Kinda felt like a brand new mom up all night fixing bottles.
Logan gets cuter and cuter everyday. He also gets madder and madder everyday because he cannot crawl yet. That is right...NO movement. He is learning to pull himself half way up and then gets stuck and falls over. I guess the later the better. I need to get things off the floor before he starts getting into everything. That will be fun!

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  1. He looks a lot more grown up all of a sudden. No crawling? I guess you're lucky he's still stationary-- Emma is going to break her neck on the stairs one of these days. My girls ask when your girls are coming to visit ALL THE TIME! Come soon!