Monday, December 28, 2009

All about LOGAN

A little excessive I know, but I can't stop taking pictures of Logan. He loves the trampoline so much. He stands up at the window to watch the girls jump. They like to put his balls on the tramp and jump with them. So then Logan keeps shouting BAAAAA! He also loves Mallory. They play for hours together. (sometimes I wish Mallory could stay home from school and Jillian could go...not very nice, Jillian is rather sweet just a little more difficult)

Here are a few cute pictures I got yesterday..and some video. Have to say it again...Logan is the CUTEST!! Michael thinks I am strange because when Logan is napping I look at pictures of him.

I love this picture with all the balls and matching jamies.

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  1. Your blog is so stinking cute! This is Alyssa from church, I've been trying to call ya, but your mailbox isn't set up for messages. I've been needing some sticky strip from Stamping up-can you call me at 9285818711? Thanks so much!!