Sunday, December 20, 2009

Things have been so crazy, I forgot about this darling picture. Nana bought the girls these adorable dresses (we are missing Sally baby in her dress). I think it is so hard to find cute dresses that still look like little girl clothes, and not teen-age looking TRASH!!! I am surprised we found time to take this picture while Ella was here. That was a whirlwind. Thinking about that makes my head hurt. I will have to say that I LOVE my Christmas tree. It smells oh so yummy.
Mallory and Ella are Best Friend Cousins. They are so funny together and play so good. I wish we lived closer to them, but happy we are close enough that I can drive to visit. Who really wants to visit here???

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  1. We miss you too - the pictures are cute. Ella and Sally wore the dresses today to church - so cute - we have to get them together and take their picture!