Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paper Crafting Crazy!

I got called into Young Women's as the personal progress leader a few weeks ago. So I had to make the invitations for our YW in excellence which is in December for some unknown reason! The theme is coronation of a queen, so I made goopy crown invites....they were fun to make!

They are pocket cards, you pull out the info card.

Over our Thanksgiving break my sister in law, Jill and I made some fun projects. I found this on splitcoast and thought they are cute. They are little paper purses.

We also made our Christmas Advent Calendar, which was so fun to make. A little time consuming but they tured out so cute. We are already having fun opening up the little tins everyday. I just need to put the ribbon around them.

I made another little paper purse for my friends birthday the other day. I put the card in it with some chocolates. I am loving the pink and brown cupcakes. Too Cute!
I think I need to give my paper cutter a rest for awhile and clean my house.


  1. You are awesome! And what a perfect calling for you! Your creativity is amazing!

  2. She with the most stamps wins....the job of making invitations!