Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jillian's Birthday

I just cannot believe that my baby Jilli is 5. It seems like she has grown up without me knowing...where have I been? or what have I been doing for 5 years??? Next year is going to be a rude awakening for both of us as she starts Kindergarten. I can already hear the yelling and screaming. Jillian's favorite thing to do is watch movies. Bad, I know! When we ask her what her favorite thing she did for the day, she always says watch a movie. She has too big of a personality for one little girl. We love that about her though. She wanted donuts for her birthday breakfast, but she settled with "Daddy's eggs."
I have had way to much going on, so I took her to the local Walmart and let her pick out her favorite cake. I think this is suppose to be The princess and the Frog, which we get to go see next week! It is cute, and she loved it. She never did eat a piece though, too busy playing with her new toys.

Jillian cried at me all day to open her presents. I made her wait til Mallory came home.

This picture reminds me of...ME...what a cutie! She got to open this shirt for her morning present.
She chose to go to Panda Express for her Birthday dinner (I was hoping for In n Out, her original choice until we drove past the dang Panda sign).

Jillian was very intrigued by this awkward present. She opened it first...from Gramma and Papa!

It is a salon chair for Ruthie (American Girl). Mallory has one too. Now they can both play!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Mallory got Jillian a color changing swimming barbie.

She got a new polly pocket set, which she hasn't put down...the best part is, I got it for $6.

I found some silly dress ups discounted after Halloween. I think it is suppose to be a Chiquita banana girl. Whatever it is, she loves it.

Nana got her a trundle bed for Ruthie. It is the cutest thing ever. Jillian asked Mallory if Kit could spend the night with Ruthie. Then Jillian laid her sleeping bag out by her dollies and slept with them...One of the cutest things.
All the Birthdays are done...on to Christmas! Life never slows down, does it?


  1. What a cute 5 year old! Kirra is getting Rebecca for Christmas (from my mom) along with a salon chair and a doll bed. I'm excited. . I hope she is!

  2. Happy birthday Jullian. Ethan just had his birthday too. He turned 7. Time goes by so fast. I just haven't post the pics on the blog.

  3. Looks like a fun birthday! I love that dress-up outfit! I can't believe your sunshine and flowers-- it is in the teens here this week!