Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Magic Kingdom!!

Back to Disneyland and with a "Magic Morning" or 1 hour early entry for us. We actually opted out of early entry. We needed more sleep than fun (I know...I must be getting old). Actually Michael had to fly out on Monday and was gone until Tuesday night, so it was more difficult without him there. He had been subpoenaed up to Idaho. I was sorta ticked!
We finally made it to small world. Logan almost fell overboard. He loves playing in water.

Best Cousins!
Our family are all huge food snobs, but when it comes to Disneyland Corn Dogs we do not hold back! Kyle got one Friday and we all drooled over it and watched him eat it. So, when we went back to Disneyland on Tuesday we couldn't wait to get over to the Stage Door Cafe for fried goodness. It is also the cheapest thing you can eat there. Perfect!

I think the big kids talked Jillian into going on Space Mountain. But, she totally agreed and actually said she liked it. I thought the picture was funny. She was laughing that her hair looked so fluffy! She looks slightly freaked out though.
Jillian and I riding the Autopia! No matter what we do, those cars always break down on us.
Love the Rockets. If you feel like getting sick, this is your ride.
It was freezing at night. This night we almost froze to death. We were waiting for the Monarail to take us back to the hotel. The wind was crazy so we thought it would be better than walking. We waited FOREVER!!! Logan was so cold and unhappy. He screamed to whole time we waited. It was awful!

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