Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Personal Progress Party

Last week we had a personal progress mother daughter dinner (kinda being our new beginnings, but way more fun). I made everyone a cute flower hair clip. They turned out cute. I clipped it onto a little card saying, "Let Personal Progress bloom into your life."
I was inevitably in charge of table decorations. I decided on balloons...easiest thing I could think of that looks very party-ish.

We had menus out for the girls and the moms to order from. They choose 5 things (they were values and a few other words). So each menu item was a mystery. We served them on tiny plates with a really small sample. The girls loved getting ice cream with lettuce, or whatever they marked down to get. Then the President talked about PP while we fixed their real dinner. It turned out cute.
Unfortunately, Michael was at training all week in NM, so I had to deal with the kids. Mallory and Jillian went to their friends house during the activity. Logan just hung out with me. He is a GREAT helper! (Yes, he has NO pants on. It was THAT kind of day)

Glad that is over..on to the next thing! When is that Hawaiian vacation?????


  1. No comment about giving flowers to teenage girls. But it did turn out cute. Of course.

  2. It looks great!
    Creative and awesome as usual. Keep the good ideas coming.