Monday, March 29, 2010

More Disney

This was our last day at Disneyland all together, and Michael finally made it back to play with the kids. Waiting for Peter Pan

Ella and Mallory are super silly when they get together.

Thunder Mountain

More silliness I love Jillian's different faces. It was a LONG week for her little legs and her temper tantrum personality. She managed to hold it together most of the time!
The girls love Auntie Megan.
More craziness from Jilli...with corn dog stuck in her teeth.
Yes, a little obsessed with the corn dogs.

We loved taking pictures of the pictures that are taken on the rides. Space mountain is the best. It is so dark when the bright flash goes off, making it impossible to see for a few minutes.
I love Ryan's face here.
Ella and Mallory try and be silly for the picture. Funny girls!
We went to Pixie Hollow to meet some fairies.

Tink wasn't as cute as we expected.
We got Logan this cute Disneyland ball and he LOVED it. He held on to it for the rest of the day and now loves to sleep with it.

This is my FAVORITE picture of Michael and Logan. He is such a silly little guy
So about this VINYLMATION business...we are definitely addicted. We kept buying new ones just to see what we would get. We ended up putting them all together and taking there picture. We bought more on our way out of the park and now try and bid for them on ebay. CRAZINESS!!!

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