Sunday, March 21, 2010

Disney Vacation

After our crazy Friday, we slept in Saturday morning and took it easy. We all met up for breakfast together at Steakhouse 55, in the hotel. They gave us this private room with a HUGE table. I would love a table like this for my crafting addiction.
Jeff took some of these candid shots...he is good at that.
It was fun to hang out with everyone in one big room. Since we weren't doing Disney over the weekend (we got the cheap SoCal annual passport tickets that blackout the weekends), we hung out and shopped at Downtown Disney.

Gramma got us hooked on this Vinylmation craze...more of this later.Thanks Gramma!!!!

They are 3" little Mickey Mouse guys that are all designed differently, and you don't know what you are buying. It is more or less a gambling addiction we now have.
After shopping we took the kids to the NeverLand Pool, at the hotel. We had some rain to deal with, but it cleared for a little while, than we just swam in the rain.

There were 2 little kid water slides perfect for my little Jilli.

Logan loves water!!

Cute boys

After swimming we all met back up at the Rain Forest Cafe. We had to start the Birthday celebrations!
All the kids ordered root beer...that came in a battle. They thought is was sooo fun.

All of us at the table...I would hate to be the waiter for us!

We sang to Nana and David and had a HUGE ENORMOUS brownie dessert thing. It was YUMM-O.


  1. Hey Melinda! Hopefully you remember me!(Jenny Bain!) I found your blog off of Tara's blog, so hopefully that's okay! It is fun to see your kids getting bigger! I LOVE Disneyland! I'm so glad you got to go! I was wondering if maybe I could e-mail you sometime. I have a couple of questions. Here's my e-mail, you can send me yours! Thanks- talk to you soon!

  2. fun to catch up and see all the pictures!