Friday, March 26, 2010

California Adventure

Monday we hit California Adventure. We always love it over there...less crowded and some super fun rides, oh yes I can't forget the Boudin sourdough bread joint. Mallory was really excited to go because she was going to try some rides that she hasn't been on before. Here she is on CA screamin'...a fun roller coaster. She loved it!

Have I mentioned that Logan loves Papa???
Here she is ready to go....(video at the bottom)I love David's face here!

Here is the Clan..aka...stroller brigade!

We went straight for the Toy Story ride. It is newer and the lines get long. I think the guys had more fun than the kids.
Jillian leaning how to Pin Trade. She got her own lanyard and a couple starter sets of pins. She is totally into now!
She has the craziest faces!
We are excited for the new Ariel ride to open.
Mallory wanted to go on the Hollywood Tower Hotel. I didn't force her. She ended up in tears and wouldn't talk to me afterward, until I bought her a $4 lemonade. Later on Ella and Ryan wanted to go back and Mallory choose to go with them. She now loves it. Kids are so funny...Peer Pressure I tell ya!
Happy Now???
We always love the funny bug movie...Logan got a little scared.

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