Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Last Day

We decided to stay an extra day since Michael had to work 2 days out of our vacation. So we packed up the car and then headed to California Adventure, only for a few hours. We had to drive home and get back to work and school (unfortunately we had to face was HARSH). And of course it decided to warm up for us. We got to go on some of the water rides we passed up earlier in the week. Mallory and I got wet, but it was so fun!

One last corn dog party...we needed fresh fruit and vegetables at this point.

We had fun playing over in the bug land area. Logan was lovin' all the rides.

We new it was time to go when Jillian was throwing a tantrum screaming "I'm not tired." 5 days at Disneyland is A LOT! We are so ready to go back though.

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