Sunday, August 8, 2010

4th of July

A Happy Fourth indeed..a little late! While we were at the beach this summer, we got the kids dressed in their red, white, and blue and took some fun ocean shots. My sister made all the cute clothes ( I did help cut strings...a very important job!).

Since the 4th was on a Sunday ( I do not like it on a Sunday) we couldn't have our usual swim party. We went to church and then we took lunch/dinner to the park. It was kinda hot and the kids were super grumpy form getting up early.

After the park we went home to make homemade ice cream, sparklers, and ended up having a water balloon fight.
I think the water balloons were the biggest, a must have for the 4th.
Logan was crazy over the balloons which was not the safest. I kept thinking he would bite it and chock. My brother gave us a nice horror story about balloons and kids. You have to check out the video clip at the end. It's of Logan and his balloon. SUPER FUNNY!!

The kids got pretty possessive over their balloons.
Which ended up not so good for little Jilli.

In case you couldn't tell, she did have fun making ice cream.
For some reason we thought that a fish would be a perfect pinata for this holiday!
You do what you gotta do to make a Sunday holiday fun for the kids. They loved having the pinata to whack...Mallory hit it so hard it blew the fish off and candy flew everywhere.

Logan was happy to have his sucker!

Doesn't look good or safe!
Yep...pretty sure this isn't safe!

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