Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Fair Time

We love going to the Alameda County Fair every summer. The kids look forward to this and asked everyday when it was time. Having cousins to go with makes it so much better. Jillian and Ryan have so much fun together. They are the corn dog kids (the corn dogs don't stand close to the ones at Disneyland ).

The fair has super lame height requirements. Jillian couldn't ride some of the simplest of rides...never mind she can ride space, splash, and thunder mountain!
She is the master of carnival games. Since she couldn't do too much she talked me and gramma in to playing expensive games.
Turns out she is an awesome player. Not only did we leave with a huge banana but we also walked away with a super cute pink dolphin! Love stuffed things!!!
Logan's favorite thing at the fair was some body's rented stroller that looked like a car. It was pretty funny actually. The lady came over to us and gave her permission to keep "riding" this fantastic car.

Ice Cream Sandwich...YUMMY!

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