Friday, August 27, 2010

We Have Pets!!

It is against everything that I stand for and believe in, but we have pets! Michael brought home two baby desert tortoises the other day (still trying to figure out what I did to deserve this!!). He wanted to surprise the girls when they got home from school. They were shocked! Mallory's face says it all. She has been having so much fun taking care of her pets. We are still trying to figure out names for them.
My camera doesn't do great inside, but here they are.

Supposedly these little guys are rare and some sort of offense to take them out of the wild. So, maybe when they get too big for their aquarium we'll sell them!

But for now they are on my kitchen counter where I get to watch them all day!


  1. I've heard that once they get bigger you can just let them out in your backyard and leave some lettuce or whatever else they eat. They are supposed to be really easy pets and live FOREVER (good or bad thing??? ;). Good luck w/ this new adventure!

  2. Oh my crap, Buddy brought home two baby desert tortoises, from Yuma no less. That was two years ago, now they are bigger and roaming the back yard. Emma did get salmonilla poisoning from them last year, but hey, you can't get rid of the cute little things, right?? ugghh.