Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

We decided to take a last minute trip to Utah to wrap up our summer. We left after work and made it about half way. So, we stayed the night in Mesquite. The next day was my birthday. We really split up the trip so I wouldn't have to be in the car ALL day with CRAZY children. We slept in as much as the kids would allow and made it ALL the way to St. George. We went to the outlets for a little bit and to lunch. It was lots of fun.
We stayed at the Falcon Ridge, a super nice inexpensive hotel.

We left the shopping area and tried to find a place for lunch. Those that know me, know that I hate wasting a meal on crappy food! I wanted something yummy! We turned the corner and found Wing Stop...our fav from Tucson.
It was so fun to go back and eat there...totally brought back memories of our days in Tucson.

The yummiest for SURE! Okay, so I don't really like meat on the bone, but they have really good chicken strips that I get. We really go there for the fries. They are the only fries worth eating. Try it...I know you will love it!
I'm getting hungry just lookin' at all that goodness!
Jillian is such a wing girl. She ate most of Michael's.
Logan was having some fun too...he was actually so crazy by this point, and we still had 4 hours to drive. It was a very LONG day.
So, my awesome mom was looking out for me on my birthday. When we lived in Bountiful we loved going to Parson's bakery to get yummy treats. She ordered a cake for me to pick up on our way. It was the cutest cake I have ever had. It was quite tasty too.
We finally made it up to Michael's parents house in Bountiful. We were wasted by the end of the day, and wanted to eat cake!

I actually had a great day even though we were driving. We had a good time visiting family in Utah too. It is SOO far away.

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