Monday, August 16, 2010

Back To School

Last week we started into another year...say good-bye to summer, fun, sleep, and my little Jilli! Some how the summer passed us by and hit us with a new school year. Jillian was so excited to start school. Unfortunately, we DO have to wear ugly uniforms which sucks any fun that might be found in getting ready for school.
Mallory is my big 4th grader now. I know she was nervous to start. She thought her classroom looked really tough. She had a great first week!
Jillian was so cute sitting at her table and meeting the girls that sit next to her. She did great up until Friday. I'm thinking things may have settle in by then. Her teacher called around lunch time to say she had been crying all morning. So, I went to pick her up. I just thought that she was really tired (which she was). However, Monday she cried all morning too. I went to meet her for lunch. She says lunch is the worst part. I will go again today. She was balling all the way to school this morning. I don't know how to help!!!

Last week was the longest week ever. Hopefully things will settle down and we can adjust to all getting up at 6:30(I do hate that)!

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