Saturday, March 5, 2011


We went on a little trip to The Magic Kingdom before our passes expire (they expired IS a sad day!). We met my sister and her kids, my parents, and my Nana came along too. We hadn't been for a LONG time, so we were SUPER excited!! Mallory's ballet class was canceled Monday, so we got to leave earlier than planned. We can skip school but NOT ballet!!! We stayed until Thursday afternoon, then drove home. I thought the kids should get 1 full day of school in for the week. We went to the Jedi Training...mainly for the cousins. My kids don't even know about star wars, but they had fun. Logan loved the BAD GUYS!! We will have to watch the shows sometime.... when we are bored.
We had to get right to our favorite thing...VINYLMATIONS!!! There is a new Cutester 2 set out. Mallory got the cute doughnut one on her first try.

Gramma and Papa got in late Monday so we all got to play at Disneyland on Tuesday.

I got Logan his 1st Lanyard and the girls gave him a few pins to trade. He got some toy story pins. He was totally loving his lanyard and knew right what it was!

He loved the Carousel and Dumbo! He cried the entire time on Nemo, which was weird. He LOVES Nemo...just not the submarine.

Cotton Candy Boy!
The little ones sharing cotton candy while the big kids rode Thunder Mountain.

Gramma got right in on the Vinylmation craze too...she did start it all.
Sally and Logan riding the Tea Cups.
Jillian begged for the "stick thing" ( being a churro) all day. We finally got one on our way out! (Kyle, we thought of you the whole time we ate it!!!)
More pics to come...

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