Friday, March 11, 2011

Thrift Shopping

I've been meaning to get to some thrift stores for quite awhile. I need things to craft! We had a little bit of time today, so Logan and I went to 3. I found these cute Martha Stewart plates. I've needed some for our Tea Parties!
Then these random plates...I am excited to do something with.

I'm gonna try spray painting cheap plates and vinyling them up!!!

This plate was a quarter!!! I'm gonna glue it on to a candlestick thing of some sort and make it into a platter...will be cute for a Tea Party!

I bought 2 sets of Jenga...not to play but to use the wood blocks. Surely something will come up in YW.

This is my favorite random find! Mallory needs a display box for her vinylmations. Hopefully we can make it cute!
I thought this little vase would be cute to paint and vinyl!

Better get painting!!! Hopefully I'll get something cute out of all this!

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