Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where Do I Live????

I guess all the jokes about this dang city have really come back to haunt me...they ARE TRUE!!! I really should stop making fun of it here. So, my appointment was a FLOP! The Doctor was NOT able to tell what the baby is going to be...Really I am 5 months along. Plus he only spent about 2 seconds trying to look. I was ready to have a fun activity for the kids to figure it out too. I was so deflated afterwards, and I still am. I have made another appointment with a different doctor...I am ditching my current one. Today made me REALLY mad!!!

So, now I don't think I really want to know what I am going to have. (I was so excited to start baby shopping though. So for now, I ordered a really cute Fossil purse that should come any day. That will be exciting!!!)


  1. Sorry! What a bummer! Do tell where you ordered your purse from . . . I need a new one and I've loved my Fossil.

  2. Oh that would make me SO mad! Do you really think you could handle not finding out? I couldn't! Good luck with the new doctor.

  3. Ahh Yuma. I am so sorry. I will say that I did not find out with Eric if it was a boy or girl. You get a lot of attention because people can't believe you don't know. But it was not any more surprising or exciting to find out at the the birth than it was at the ultrasound with my others. Good luck with the new doctor!