Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little Local Flavor

On Saturday after all the ballet performances were over, we had a FREE day. We didn't really now what to do. Michael even had the day off!! We were too tired to go to San Diego, plus it was freezing cold there. So, Gramma wanted to do what the locals do. Boy was she in for a treat!!! Since we don't drink or drive ATV's our options were narrowed done. After searching the Internet we decided to do a little hike and visit a nearby lake. Logan's favorite word is now hoking (hiking). The kids actually had so much fun and Gramma loved being surrounded by the beauty. (ha ha ha)
We found this huge tree and put Logan up in it. He started yelling "fall" while crying!
Jillian climbed right up it!
This tree branched was asking for all the kids to sit on it. When Mallory got up she almost pushed Jillian off, making her cry. Then Logan immediately started crying when Michael put him up. It was pretty funny!!!

After our big hike, we went to see the Lake. Logan loved seeing all the canoes and boats. Then we took my mom to a yummy burger joint. It is super yummy...onion rings, and fried pickles!!! A pregnant persons dream...Right???
After lunch we decided to brave the flea market. We have never been, and it is practically in our backyard. We found lots of funny knick knacks to buy! We had a fun day just hanging out.

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  1. Glad Yuma offers something to do! :) When are you moving here? :)