Monday, March 7, 2011

More Disney

We finally made it to the Toy Story Mania ride this trip. It was closed last time and the time before the line was always 1 hour. It is so fun and Logan loved it. We could have gone on it all day. Since the Disney geniuses lay out most of the rides to dump you out into a store, Logan attached himself to the Toy Story figurines. He sat and played with them forever, while the others rode the roller coaster. It was quite cute!
Papa got Jillian Cotton Candy, while the big kids were doing big kid rides!
Logan loved seeing Lightening. The tires were his favorite!
We pooped out early the day we went to CA Adv. We left before they closed...unheard of, I know! Since it is freezing in CA this time of year we didn't let the kids ride the grizzly river ride. Mallory begged all day, so once we decided we were done we let them ride and get soaking wet. We walked straight to the hotel after, and had a pizza party in the room. The kids were crazy!

Back at Disneyland, Logan and I hung out in Fantasy land, since I can't do many other rides, nor can he. We had tons of fun hanging out together. He is such my little sweetie!!
Whacha doing???
We went to the Tiki room and had the yummy pineapple whippies. They are SO good. I need one right now!!
Disneyland already had gorgeous spring flowers up...we don't have anything close to this here! I miss all the prettiness of spring.

We snapped some quick pics before we all had to leave to drive home. Vacations always go too quickly. We love meeting my family at Disneyland. It is such a fun place to play! We will be saving up for new passes!!

Logan pretty much sums up our trip to Disneyland in this one picture!!! Being pregnant at Disneyland certainly kicked my butt. I can usually keep going all day. I was so soar everyday..What a wimp I am!
We ran to Downtown Disney on our way to the car. Logan was thirsty, holding his favorite gun Gramma got him and Papa slipped him some dollars...which I used for him. I bought him a cool Buzz car. He looked so funny.

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  1. So where are the pictures with you in them? I want to see your cute prego belly!