Monday, April 4, 2011

Going Greek

Those that know me know that I love finding healthy food (probably to balance out all the unhealthy food)! I love finding food that has so many great nutrients in it and is not too over the top crazy gross for a picky girl, like me, to eat. So, my health conscious mom got me interested in Greek Yogurt. I really don't like normal yogurt, let alone a more thick and sour yogurt. But after reading about it I really have tried to like it. I have bought every brand that the markets here have available to find the best one. My mom likes them all...I DO NOT. Actually, I think most of them are nasty and taste like sour cream! My favorite is the Dannon vanilla, it is actually the only one that I can stand to eat. So, why eat it, right??? There is so much protein and with no fat and cholesterol and no sweeteners, and it is really low is sugars and carbs. It is more money than regular don't let the kids get it unless they need more protein! I eat it over fruit for breakfast and it keeps me full until lunch...and I am pregnant. Just thought I would pass some information on!


  1. I have struggled with Greek yogurt too but recently found a brand I love! Have you tried Fage? It's not as sour as most greek yogurt and the texture makes me feel like I'm eating whipped cream. Try putting peanut butter and vanilla protein powder it. Extra protein and it makes it taste a lot better. PS...if you want a yummy "healthy" peanut butter try Better'n Peanut Butter from Trader Joes. Good Luck with the greek yogurt!

  2. I didn't know Greek yogurt was sour. When I'm back to normal, maybe I'll have to try it. Maybe.... :)

  3. The only way I like Greek Yogurt is as a substitute for sour cream. You can't even tell the difference, and you don't feel guilty using a lot.