Thursday, November 10, 2011


I can't believe that Halloween has already come and gone! Where did that time go?? I kinda didn't plan for my kids costumes this year as usual. This baby takes away all my thinking and wanting to do anything! Originally the kids all wanted to be Star Wars characters, but that didn't happen. So, the old standby cheerleading uniform made it out of hiding after almost 15 years! I talked Jillian into wearing her Rapunzel dress if I bought the wig. She was so happy to have the wig.

We should have had these curly hair pieces back in the day. I slept with sponge curlers so many nights!

She looks so funny with the wig on. I know why the movie is called Tangled! That is exactly what the wig did!

My Little Dragon! So cute! This is the ONLY part of Halloween that I like. I love seeing little kids dressed up in cute costumes. I hate all the ugliness of Halloween. I ordered his dragon costume off of ebay. So I wasn't sure about it. It turned out so cute and worth every penny! He loves playing in it. It was filled hours of fun...not to mention really loud roaring, trying to scare his sisters. People from the city were taking his picture all night when we went to the party on main street.

The actual day of Halloween always turns into complete craziness...and it did! It seemed like we had so much going on that day, trying to make it fun for the kids! 20 minutes before we left to go downtown to the trick-or-treating party a 2 liter bottle of Root Beer exploded somehow. The entire bottle went all over my kitchen floor and splattered on EVERYTHING!! It was a nightmare, but my house did smell good! I was loving my steam mop all night.

Since we had trunk or treating a few nights before Halloween, the Rapunzel wig did not make it. We had to braid it all back. But it looked cute still.

We got yummy cotton candy downtown...the best part if the night. We wont be going back here next year. I wish someone would have told me its not appropriate for kids...we saw a lot of BOOTIE, not to mention other things. Gotta love it here!

Logan LOVED trick-or-treating, but would not let go of my hand. He got freaked out by all the scary masks.

I always make my kids trick-or-treat at my door for a special treat!

Logan was so tired and just wanted to play in his car at this point.

After all the fun, we came back and had pizza and witches brew, with more Root Beer!

I didn't get a picture of little Hallie in her cute Halloween outfit. She was busy spitting up and crying...imagine that!

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