Saturday, November 26, 2011

Local Flavor

The weekend we blessed our little Hallie, we went to explore what our town has to offer....pretty much the London Bridge and the Lake! So that is where we took our families.

The Bridge is the actual London Bridge. If you google it, you can read all about it.

My parents

I guess it's a bit prettier than Yuma!

I think it is totally random that the McCulloch dude paid millions to bring this bridge over here!!!

My sisters kids and Mallory and Jillian. I was at the care with 2 very fussy babies.

The little teenie boppers!

Michael's parents came too!

So this is where it happened!!! While everyone was standing here looking at the peaceful lake, a party boat came under the bridge sharing the local flavor with everyone!!! I have warned people about the lake...we can't really go back. So, on this party boat were 3 or 4 topless girls with a lot of silicone bouncing all over the place. They were wearing pasties, which I am not proud that I even know what they are. I wouldn't google them either!! However, we still had a fun day and gave everyone great memories!

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