Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hallie's Blessing Day

We finally found a weekend that worked with most of our families to bless little Hallie. So, my parents, my sister's family, and Kyle came. And Michael's parents drove down for it too. They hadn't seen Hallie yet, so we were excited for them to come visit. We had a fun weekend with family and lots of activity...and crying from Hallie. She was in her super fussy mode. Michael gave her half a blessing because she decided she wanted to sing right into the microphone. She is SOOOO fussy!!!!!! (Have i mentioned that before, not sure???) But she looked adorable.

Amanda and I. I think Hallie looks like an old fashion doll baby here, with the bonnet and the serious face. She looks like some old pictures of babies in my family.

Michael's parents and us

We went to do a kissy picture, but I remembered I had lip gloss on and didn't want to get it all over her dress!

Our first family picture since we have been a family of 6! Logan hates pictures!

Me and all the kids and cousins! I love Logan's face...he's a TURKEY!!

The baby was so done with pictures!!

We had a such a fun week. In 1 week we had Halloween, Michael's birthday, family come for the Blessing, and then the next day was Mallory's Birthday! I think I slept about 8 hours total for the whole week. I was wasted by the end!

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