Friday, November 11, 2011

How Old Are We???

Michael's birthday is the day after Halloween. The only worse day would be the day after Christmas! It's always "all I can do" to get through the Halloween week, only to have another party the next day. I'm usually up for parties, but so not this year. Unfortunately, Michael had to go to the State office for business (3 hours away), so we had a late party. He never got his sushi lunch that I promised sad! Mallory and I tried to recreate the best chocolate cake on earth, found at Nothing Bundt Cake...and we came close. Michael loved it. All of the sudden this day is a blurr to me. I think we grilled steak and vegetables and had a yummy dinner.

I think Hallie liked the fire...I should light one more often. Anything to keep her happy.

She was happy to see here Daddy. She likes Michael way more than me!

This was Michael's big present from all of us. Logan and I shopped all day for it.

Logan thinks that anytime there is a party it is Logan's party...he says " it's Gogan's burday."

Oh always make me laugh, that is when you are not making me cry!

We gave him a big fire pit! We have needed one for so long.

Of course, the box is the best part. Actually, I think we should set up our big moving boxes for Christmas. May be the best gift ever.

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