Tuesday, February 7, 2012


While my sister was here visiting we re-did all sorts of stuff...she is the spray paint queen! We took Mallory's old pink and brown magnet board and painted it, and added a cute knob. The knobs were all on sale at HL that week! We took my red frame and painted it "Aqua", and spray painted that little can! Cute!!

we took my ugly brown shelves and painted them...made them look kinda cute again!

We have an old book shelve that broke in the move, so we each made a little board. Got cute knobs at hobby lobby and spray painted them!

This thing is the under basket thingy to our broken coffee table. We spray painted it and made it into something to be talked about!

We made a little Valentine paper garland to sting across it to. Looks cute!

I was sick of everything being so brown, so we did it...spray painted my clock. Crazy, I know!! It was lots of fun to re do lots of stuff. She needs to come back!!!

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