Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We took a quick trip to Utah last week to visit Michael's family. We haven't been there for a year and a half, and we know why!!! It is FREEZING for us Arizonians, and we HATE dealing with the snow. On the other hand, the kids LOVED the snow! They couldn't wait to get there and play in it. Logan is asking where all the snow went!

The girls loved playing with all their girl Utah cousins! I wish I had this many girl cousins!!

They played for a few minutes than ran back in...think they were cold!

Cute Girls!

It was snowing as we were trying to pack the car to leave. That was fun!

Snow Baby!

They even made a snowman. It was decorated the day before!

I think Logan could play in it all day. We would need snow clothes though.

We really went for Michael's oldest nephew's mission farewell, but ended up not being able to stay for Sunday. We had to drive home then Michael had to keep going on to Tucson, for 5 more hours. NOT FUN!!!

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