Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day

My little Valentine, Hallie. She is 7 months!!!

We had to hurry our Valentine party along because I had to be at Young Women's, and Michael was out of town so I had to take all the kids...don't worry, he got me lots of Twisted Silver!!! LOVE IT!

Mallory, so cute!

She got earrings and bracelets!

Little Jillian got a cute necklace (that she has since broken...I hate buying her things), and a cute little jewelry to hold her broken jewelry.

We had Cherry 7-Up, and chili! Whenever Michael leaves we always make chili. He hates it and the rest of us love it!

We made yummy Valentine sugar cookies too and a delicious new cinnamon popcorn. LOVE!

It was a busy, crazy, fun day...minus the fact that on the way to school I got a flat tire and spent all day at the tire fix-it store!

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  1. Cute kids! I don't think Steve loves chili either. And now I'm craving sugar cookies....