Monday, February 27, 2012

Homemaking Lesson

Sunday was my first time teaching YW...and the lesson was on Homemaking (lesson 7, manual 1). Turns out, I am NOT a good homemaker. I am 100% sure that this lesson was NOT meant for the girls to hear, just for me! Anyway, I made these adorable paper sack purses for my girls (I am over the Mia Maids). I filled them with ordinary purse items; gum, chap stick, antibac, and a little sugar( I had old V-day nerds). We talked all about these purses and how we need to "fill" our purses with real skills and knowledge. I used Inkablinkas lesson plan printables. A heart, temple, sun, and broom...all cut out on colored card stock with the relating message. The lesson was awesome, and we ended with delicious banana chocolate chip bread.

The purses turn out cute and were actually fun to make!

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  1. Oh, Melinda I am going to have to stop checking your blog. I always feel guilty that my YW don't get cool stuff like yours do! :)