Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Beginnings

Our wards New Beginnings was last night, and it was the best New Beginnings ever!! Our YW presidency just got called a few weeks ago, so have been working like crazy to pull this off. We wanted it to be a bit over the top in cuteness. It was a huge success and we even had our cute investigator that is 16 come and say she would have never wanted to miss this!

I made super yummy chocolate cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting.

I also made these super cute marshmallow fun, and everyone loved them!

I made little place holders for the name of the dessert.

We had wedding cake balls, and buttercream mints on this beautiful stand form the HL!

I made a theme banner too!

Isn't beautiful???

We ordered this awesome poster from (i think), and we made tons and tons of these cute flower rosettes. They are my new favorite thing to make!

I glued button, rhinestones, and pearls in the middle of some of them, and we used some doilies too.

I made bright yellow star suckers and put them in this cute tin from HL.

My Mallory is going to be a new beehive this year, so she came with me. She is so so cute! We did new beehive spotlights.

This was the front table where we talked. I talked on Personal Progress.

Yummy pretzels too!

...and White Chocolate Lemon Truffles! YUM!

I made adorable pixy stix wand for all the girls. These are my fav!

Here we are...we were so glad it was almost over!

This is all of our girls afterward! They loved the wands.

Mallory, having a sugar party! She was so excited for this.


  1. Melinda! This looks AWESOME! Love the color scheme and all the rosettes....tutorial please! Did you use the scoring tool for the rosettes? I bet the girls loved that!

  2. Holy Cow! That looked amazing. I'm sure the girls loved it. And I know Mallory is going to be 12 this year, but seeing her in those pictures was crazy! Time is flying by with these girls....

  3. You are amazing!!! I love it!!!! I need to live by you so you can teach me!