Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toothy Boy

These pictures are for Michael...I tried to get a good shot of Logan's new front teeth. He looks so different with them. I should take some now, they have grown in a bit more. Enjoy!

My little Logan is so silly, he is starting to do his funny nose smile that Jillian did. I guess it is a quirky Hauck thing!! He has the same problem that Jillian has too. The flappy thing from his top gum line goes all the way down to in between his front teeth. Jillian has to get hers lasered next year. I'm chalking that up with the other quirky Hauck things too!!


  1. They do always look different when their top teeth come in-- I'm not ready for that. He is so cute!

  2. It is a Hauck thing! Brandon & Becky had it! Brady has it, too :) good to know my son's not the only poor little gapped tooth Hauck because of it.