Saturday, June 13, 2009

Break out the White Sunglasses...It's SUMMER!!!

It was Mallory's last day of 2nd grade yesterday...Shout Hooray! We had a swim party with her friends after school and she could hardly wait. Just wished it felt like summer here.

Mallory and Katelyn Audrey, Mallory, and Krista

Mallory, giving her teacher one last hug. They brought soooo much stuff home from school. I know why California has a school budget problem. She brought home all these nice markers, colored pencils in cases, crayon boxes, tons of nice workbooks, and so much more stuff. Does the school provide all this to the kids?? In Arizona, we had to provide it. Kinda funny.

Ella came with me to pick Mallory up. What a fun day!

We were singing the HSM2 song, summertime, the whole way home.

I got Mallory some little prizes for finishing 2nd grade.

She has been wanting the leapster for so long.

Some church friends came over after school for a fun pool party.(Hemming tradition to have a pool party on the last day of school)

I think Jillian had the most fun. She is such a party girl. She was keeping up with all of the big girls swimming. I think she will be the next big Olympic swimmer. She swam for almost 5 hours straight, with a short hot dog break.

We had a yummy BBQ and made hot dogs. It was yummy. Love summer.

Papa took care of Logan most of the time. He loves walking around with Papa outside to look at everything.

Jillian's little friend Audrey (the Bird's granddaughter) came to play with Jillian. So she has a playmate too.


  1. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. It sure feels like summer here.

  2. I love that you found my blog!! I've been catching up on yours, and it is so fun to see your family. Your kids are beautiful, and you all look so happy.

    What a fun last day of school for Mallory. Can she really be that old? I remember seeing you in Logan once when she was just itty bitty. We are getting old...