Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Luau Logan

Jeff (my brother that lives in Hawaii) gave Logan this cute little outfit. He gave it to us right after Logan was born, and I thought he would never fit into looked so big at the time. I guess everything does when you have a teenie bebe. So I got it out of the drawer to see if it would fit and he has almost outgrown it. Mainly his chunky legs. These pictures make him look so old, I can't stand it
I put this picture on because he looks just a little different than usual. Maybe it is just that his head looks ginormous.Love my little chin, He has a long line of dimpled chins. Me, both my parents, and my mom's dad...and probably my dads parents too.

Thanks for the cute outfit Jeff....we may need one that is 18 months or 2t (hint hint hint)

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  1. He is too white to be wearing an outfit like that!!