Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Camp Skeeter

Mallory's end of the year field trip was to the park near her school. They made it into a little "camp." The class made T-shirts earlier in the week to wear them today. (Gotta love the over-sized, thin white shirts) They were assigned to decorate a lunchbox (shoebox) and bring it on their trip with lunch inside. There were lots of different stations and some water balloons, and smore's, and tons of fun things. Here is Mallory at lunch. The kids and I went over for awhile to see how it was going. ( There was something on my camera lens, so annoying)

We were proud of her box. It turned out so cute. Sorry to Gramma for the blue paint all over the table and lots of glitter that will be there forever! How do you get rid of glitter??
I have to thank the trusty Cricut for this box. I would be lost without you!!We painted the top with glue and sprinkled sand all over. Then glued a few shells and a palm tree. The rest of the decorations we by the cricut.

I think we deserve an A! Mallory and I had a ton of fun making it. All the kids in her class kept saying hers was the best!
We are now ready for 3rd grade.

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