Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Color Is Summer?

By Mallory

What color is summer?
Aquamarine for the dazzling water that we splash in
Purple for my sunglasses that lay over my eyes
Magenta for the beautiful sky that is setting at the ocean
Pink for the raft that I relax on while I'm in the pool
Bright yellow for the shining sun that is hot
Silver for the clear shimmering stars that come out at night
Red for the sweet, crisp apple that is in my hand
White for the creamy, silky sunscreen that is on my skin
Orange for the hot fire roasting marshmallows in my backyard

These are the colors of summer.

(This was a piece that Mallory wrote for school, she is in 2nd grade. I thought this was so cute and so her...she did a good job with it).

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