Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time for Tea

Whenever the girly cousins get together, they get to go to tea with Nana (their Great-Gramma). We found this little tea room downtown Pleasanton a few years ago and have loved it ever since. It is called the English Rose and anyone with a little girl must go! The big girls got their favorite seat...the little bench.

This was Jillian's first time to go. We had talked about it since December. We were going to go when we came to visit at Christmas, but Nana was in the hospital. So, Jillian waited and waited and was so excited to go. I think she loved it. She "drinks" all that stuff up.

Here we all are. The tea room is usually air conditioned so we don't mind having tea in the hot summer...but today their air was broke and we were sweating. The tea is so good though we didn't really care! (It's all herbal tea)

I think this is my favorite picture of Mallory and Nana, the pink tea girls.

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