Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marine World

We went to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, formerly known as Marine World, Africa USA. It is a zoo, amusement park, and aquarium...kinda too many things going on for me but still fun. We got to see lots of fun shows and ride on all the spinning rides that make parents want to throw up! Don't ask about these capes...it's totally a theme park pressure buy!
Out in front of the old dolphin statue. I think Megan and I have our picture at this same spot...just 15 years earlier.

Silly kids with Gramma!

Loving all the rides!

Logan was apparently board and started sucking (nursing) on his big toe! It was soooo funny. He sucked on it for at least 10 minutes. He was so intense. ( I bet he kept waiting for milk to come)

Silly Logan. Poor baby got dragged around all day and even got sun burnt on his face. My Dad says he is so white he could get a moon burn!

I tried my hardest to get a good shot of the killer whale show. I was holding Logan while he was screaming and this is all I managed to get. I was surprised it didn't come out blurry.

The dolphins were so cute. The girls wanted to ride one.

We got so close to the Giraffe's. The girls even got to feed them. They were pretty cool.
Our favorite was the White Tiger. So Awesome!! It is a must see.

Gotta Love Theme Parks!

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